FozzyFest: A Family Reunion

Gathering together in a supportive community is a need that runs deep throughout cultures and across history. It is how we established security and felt a sense of belonging, of connection, of intimacy. The festival is one way communities come together to remind themselves we are in this together. Whether the purpose is to rejoice in the season’s harvest, commemorate a special transition in life, witness the union of two […]

Gifting in the Street

  Gifting in the Street I have heard that street performances are the most honest form of theatre; it is one where the performance is paid for after the show, and the value determined by the audience, rather than a predetermined price paid before the show begins. . Street performances are very much aligned with the mentality of the gift. Here I am – here is my gift – I […]

A Shambhala Lifetime

  A Shambhala Lifetime   I emerge from a whirlwind of intensity – kicked into the trenches, dragged through the mud, rinsed clean in the currents, and uplifted to soar on the clouds of the festival experience. Freed from the social constraints of our box world, a journey of individual and collective metamorphosis was inevitable. Together, in the forest, under the stars,  and among the mountains, we gathered to celebrate a […]

Shout it Out

Shout it out…let it ring. Say what you got to say, or better yet sing. Shout it out…let it rise. You’re never going to wake up unless you open those eyes. Movement underground is what makes the earth shake so much, Movin’ around is gonna cause an earthquake. You may never know it if you’re just living on the surface, You gotta get your hands dirty, You gotta dig for your purpose. Not […]