Decomposing the Shadow: A Book Reflection

“Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons from the Psilocybin Mushroom” A Book Reflection   After a quick investigation into the research being shared surrounding mycelium and this unique organism’s ability to decompose and re-balance our planet, it is easy to see mushrooms as an emerging solution to many of the challenges we are facing. Pioneers such as Paul Stamets are showing how mushrooms can be used for everything from cleaning toxic soils […]

Spontaneous Gifting

Spontaneous Gifting More for you is more for me. This is one of the fundamental principles of a gifting economy. It embodies the recognition of our interconnection and oneness with all other beings. If I have more than I need, I am happy to give to you in your time of need, trusting that the abundance of this world will return to me when I am in need. Letting go […]