Repurposing Creativity: Making the Transition to Adulthood

As I stood on the soft, damp ground in my bare feet, I found myself immersed in the reflective and present moment experience that only an act of creativity can birth. Making what I call “Nature Art” opens me up to a level of joy that few activities are able to match. I love the process and I am unattached to the outcome. I understand Now that we are creative […]

The Transformational Power of Fasting: Goals

A few weeks ago I read a book titled “The Transformational Power of Fasting” by Stephen Buhner. The thread of ideas he wove around the tool of fasting were extremely thought provoking. The material presented can be confrontational to many people as it touches a deeply rooted relationship within us: our relationship with food. In an effort to dive within to uncover the essence of my connection with food, I […]

My 100 Days of Personal Transformation Experiment

My 100 Day Personal Transformation Experiment One of my long standing core beliefs that I have done my best to embody throughout my life is the understanding that a fundamental reason we are here on this planet is to grow, learn, create, make mistakes, explore, and evolve ourselves, our relationships, our consciousness, our understanding of the world, our understanding of our Selves, and ultimately, where we fit in all of […]