Diving into the Moment

    Diving into the Moment     The sun causes my skin to ignite with heat as I run, my bare feet sinking into the soft sand.   As my breathing quickens, my heart beats to match the pace, synching with the rhythmic pulse of the waves at my side.   Soft curves, topped with white shimmering allure, beckon me closer, the refreshing coolness lapping at my feet.   […]

A Timeless Affirmation

A Timeless Affirmation     As I bring my awareness to the present moment, I observe thoughts passing by like clouds. There is never nothing going on. As I bring my attention to the timeless Now, I release all that is limiting my full presence. I experience a peaceful acceptance. All of my attention is in this moment, I relax into my body, my breath, and my senses. My mind […]