This page is for those who wish to view the monetary flow through my life.  This is my way of having greater awareness of what I am saying “yes” to with my dollar votes. When money comes to me through gratitude from people I know, I feel less ownership and more of a stewardship over the money in my life, using it as thoughtfully as I can. This is also what inspires me to be open with where it is going and to keep track as best as I can. You are trusting me by giving support, and this is my practice of trust and transparency back to you.

I began recording my detailed financial flow in May 2014 as a practice of greater personal financial awareness. Below you can find my current year breakdown as well as the last two years summarized to keep the page less cluttered. Monthly updates happen at the end of each month. Inflow has not been as precise as outflow recording (receipts make it easy!) and I am now aiming to be more specific as to where the inflow comes from so they actually balance.

Thank you for your trust, faith, and support!


Current Detailed Flow (May 2017 – Jan 2018)


Past Annual Summaries