It is with deep gratitude that I am once again able to offer my nature art to a community that supports my creative endeavors. Looking back on the growth and evolution of the art, as well as the stories embedded within each piece over the past four years, it is humbling to know that none of it would have been possible without all of you, coming together as supportive roots and nourishing my gifts. Thank you for the opportunity to share the fruits with you.

This fourth-annual, artistic synthesis features:

-> Fifteen full colour, high resolution prints of 2017’s nature art creations (located in Calgary parks, rural Saskachewan, Lake O’hara, Malaysia, and more)

-> Colour calendar grids with annual holidays, full moon cycles, and eclipses

-> 13 month lunar calendar transition (moving from Gregorian to Lunar this year)

-> Inspirational quotes each month from my newly released book, Awakening the Sensuous

-> A digital copy and back-story behind each piece emailed to your inbox each month through the year

You can find the full collection of last year’s calendar here at this link

Once again, there are two versions available to choose from:

  1. Cosmic Mix (nature art blended with space photography)
  2. Straight Up Earth (no space blending)

Samples from the same month are shown to compare each version. The “Straight Up Earth” is the one on the right and the “Cosmic Mix” is the one below on the left.


You can find 5 sample photos from each version here in my Imgur gallery

There are three calendar reciprocation choices:

-> Kick Back – One for $20 or two for $30

-> Around the Corner – $25 – you get one and I gift one to someone

-> Gift – we all have times when our money is needed elsewhere. If this is the case for you, let me know and I can send you one around the corner. Last year, 33 people received a gift calendar this way.

*Note – Please add $3 for shipping in Canada (if needed outside of Calgary) or $7 for US shipping.

You can contact me here to request your order, or just send an etransfer to [email protected], along with your requested versions and quantities, as well as your email so I can contact you.


It brings me great joy to share these creative gifts with others, both in person when I am creating in nature, and with the photos and prints I make for people to bring into their homes. May they serve as a reminder of the beauty of the wild, the potential of co-creating with nature, and the healing power of a curiosity for the unknown.

*Bonus* – If you are curious how it was made, I will be sending out a monthly email that includes high resolution digital copies of each month’s photos (both versions), along with the photo-story of the materials, process, and inspiration behind each creation.

Click here to receive the monthly mail out


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